Saturday, January 12, 2013

iTalk Recorder and A Bit of Blog Tinkering

Much is happening in my super secret lab of stuff. There will be some blog tinkering to make posts a little easier to find for mobile users and a reduction of categories.

It is true that I can be a little information compulsive but I do try to yield for better usability.  I’m an Android person so if it looks good on the phone and cheap tablet I have it should work for everybody.

I think.

I’ll still be posting but things will be re-ordered, moved or jiggered with for a bit.
Before I take the knife to the blog I want to take a moment and mention a free audio app for iOS users called iTalk Recorder. If you have a version 5 of the iOS you are good to good.

iTalk Recorder for iOS devices version 5 and up.

This little ditty is from Griffin Technology that allows users to select a recording quality level, press a button and you have an audio recording. Once you have your recording you could e-mail to yourself or post it to your blog or save it for later and sync it up to your video.

If you have a device that records video ok but sucks at audio then this is an affordable back-up.

There is a premium version that seems to allow you to drop the audio file in Dropbox but other than that I don’t have a clear understanding of the difference between the free version and the paid version.

I could see sticking this in a shirt pocket to use if you are doing single recording. I don’t have shirt pockets on my blouses so yeah, that ain’t gonna work for me. What will work is getting a small external clip on microphone.

Possibilities. I’m all about the possibilities.

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