Saturday, April 13, 2013

PodOMatic Minicast Maker

Digital storytelling has many paths. New ones are coming down the pike and I like to point out possibilities when they pop-up. PodOMatic Minicast allows you to tell stories with voice and photo.

It isn't video. You might not need video to construct an audio/visual story.

The web service is free and really easy to use. You create an account and then upload your audio and photos to the site. I created narration with my photos but you can also select music from the library.

Depending on the size of your minicast it can take a while to process. Once finished you can add your minicast to Twitter and Facebook.

What Is It Good For?

Glad you asked because I can see a lot of positive uses for this type of service.

Poets should pay particular attention because it doesn't get easier to create a visual or video poem.

I can see this for citizen journalism where you are describing a situation and you have photos to spice up your radio or audio podcasting narrative.

You could use it for:

  • short demonstrations for craft, fashion or creativity post on Twitter and Facebook
  • creating content for your blog (not sure about the embedding just yet)
  • educational uses i.e. language building skills
You get up to 500MB of free storage and 15GB of bandwidth per month. You also become a member of PodOMatic; not just of the Minicast section. You might want to customize or de-activate certain account features.

It is in Beta mode so things may or may not go according to plan.  I created my Minicast at around 9:30am. It is now 2:25pm and I haven't received the link to upload. It might have had something to do with the size of the photos I uploaded.

You might want to reduce the size of the photos and use mp3 for audio uploads.
Still, if it does what it claims then this is another tool for the old kit bag.  I'll post the Minicast should it ever show up.

As always check out the Terms of Service.

You grant PodOMatic an irrevocable sub-license to transmit and display your stuff. You still retain ownership and copyright to your work. You would be subject to their opinion and option of removing content that violates copyright or what they feel would be objectionable content.

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