Friday, May 3, 2013

Mobile Photography and Visual Storytelling Show

Now that the fussing about the legitimacy of iPhotography has died down a bit it is a good time to check out the Mobile Photography and Visual Storytelling channel on YouTube. Mal Sherlock is the host of a series of recorded Google Hangouts on how to use mobile devices to take better photos and to tell stories.

This is a bit of the intro to episode #4 on shooting environments and landscapes:

It is a mixture of professional photographers, storytellers and folks across multiple media that are investigating how to tell the tale with the device in your handbag or pocket.

There are shows on branding, shooting landscapes, community. This discussions are about photography but I think you can gain value from getting tips about composition, process and just listing to some of the ideas that are coming down the pipe.

Folks, we can't stay in silos of isolation anymore. It isn't such a leap from telling a photo story to a video narrative.

Be open to the possible.

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