Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Quick Demo - Picture in Picture Using Serif Movie Plus X6

Well, slow connection or not the show must go on. You might not use Serif Movie Plus X6 to edit videos. That is okay but the concept of the picture in picture technique is similar across many of the consumer level video editing programs.

What got me going about this is that I have an idea for a short video project about memories that are gone or almost about to evaporate into history.

I can see the need to do a lot of video in picture frames.

I generally forget how to do it picture in picture. I do read the manual but it never sticks in my head. Making a screencast video on the process certain helps retention.

A Couple of Reminders:

You need a .png file with a transparent area. You can use a program like Irfanview, Snagit Editor or one of the online photo editing programs to create your .png photo.

Aspect ratio – if your video is 16:9 widescreen and your image frame is in the 4:3 aspect ratio you are going to have issues. Match your frame to your content or your content to your frame but do not stretch a video to fit inside of a transparency area, especially if you have people in it.

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