Monday, January 27, 2014

Two Videos Poems Uploaded and Eight to Go

Progress is good; I have two videos uploaded and working on number three. This is the second video in the Making ¢ents of it all series called Financial Literacy.

This piece is what in text poetry would be called a found poem. If you are open to what you see there in your environment there may be a narrative or two that is waiting for you.

Again having a structure for project or series videos help tremendously. My biggest time usage is getting an idea, deciding on how to do it in video and then the production process.

Tools Used For This Video:

I don't want to be bound by any one software program but I do have a few that are simple to use and make it easy to compose non-spoken videos.

  • Audacity for editing the music
  • Muvee Reveal Express for animating the photos (it seems this software is no longer for sale on the Muvee website)
  • Serif Movie Plus X6 for combining audio, video and my preferred titles
Estimated actual video production time was about two hours. Adding the writing portion adds another two hours so I was a little over my goal but I am pleased with the two videos so far. The more you do the better you get.

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