Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Learning From the Creative Live Blog

Like a hound dog on the prowl, I do like to peep over the fence to see how other folks do their thing. One of the new places I am scoping out is the blog at Creative Live. It is a photography blog however there is a lot of content that web video folks can appreciate.

The blog talks with people that are deep in their craft or are pushing for new forms of expression. You will want to look at the Photo and Video and the Video and Film sections of the blog.

I think the Documenting Devastation article was extremely helpful and reminds me of what can be done. I'm not saying you should deliberately romp around unsafe or putting others in jeopardy. But taking photos and videos can be helpful to demonstrate the story behind the news.

The short SEO for Photographers post reminds me to remember to update my Google + and other social media sites.  Finally, the article on Ben Von Wong got my mind blown with what he does and how he does it. I think I should camp out on his YouTube channel.

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