Wednesday, June 11, 2014

One Camera and Tripod - Make Music Pasadena

It was a good day. Not to hot or to windy. The first performer I recorded was Luke Sweeney from San Francisco. The band was good and I wished that more folks would spread out and try to find the jems on the backstreets.

It is an aim camcorder and record video. I had a tripod. I tried like heck not to use the zoom. I made a decision about getting the whole song without a lot of fuss. You'd think that with a tripod I'd be all up in his nasal passages.

Nope. I had one chance at recording a song . The telephoto on the camcorder does not move freely. It jerks. Or stutters.

Kinda does both actually.

So, yes it is a miner 49 kind of video. I didn't think of it until later but my still Panasonic camera could have done some duty and recorded close ups and alternative views of the stage.

Which is why you have to get out and experience recording and not just read about it. There are ways to make one camera videos more interesting.

I just have to remember how when I'm out and about.

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