Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Batch Video to Photo Converter Using Sony Movie Studio

Last time I mentioned how folks can use almost any version of Windows Movie Maker to extract a photo from a video. And if you have under ten photos this is doable. But what if you want to get a bunch of photos from a video clip?

If you have Sony Movie Studio, the consumer level video editing software you can do it in a snap. If you don't have Sony Movie Studio then check out the video editing software that you are using, it might have that feature. Eh, maybe. More about that at the bottom of the tutorial.

Step 1: Place the Video on the Timeline

It is assumed that you know how to put a video clip on the timeline. I would strongly suggest that you edit or trim to just the segments that contain the photos you want. Keeping the video under 1minute in length is good, 30 seconds is better.

Here is why: 30 frames per second x however many seconds of video = a heck of a lot of photos. You really need to trim your video to get just what you want or you could have thousands of photos on your hard drive.

Step 2: Select Your Hard Drive Location

Click the Make Movie Button and select, Save to Hard Drive.

Step 3: Select a Location and the File Type of Your Photos

Make sure that you know which folder your photos will be saved. You also have an opportunity to select the file type. If you know that you are going to make animated gifs then select gif. If you are planning to make a photo montage then jpeg would be a better choice. When you are ready, click the Render button.

When completed you will have a photo with either hundreds or thousands of photos.Yes. It can be a lot of photos.

What Is the Catch?

Yeah, there is one. Sony redesigned their entry level video editing software. There is Movie Studio and Sony Movie Studio Platinum 13.

Sony removed a lot of features and made Sony Movie Studio more user friendly. Kinda. From a quick sweep of the manual, I do not think that the entry level version allows you to batch convert from video to photo.

I believe that Movie Studio Platinum 13 does allow you to do the conversion.  The older versions of the software also perform the batch conversions.

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