Monday, May 30, 2016

Sony Creative Sells Consumer Video and Audio Software to Magix

Greetings. It has been a while, but as most of you know I've been audio podcasting. When there is news or something of note I will posted it.

I got an e-mail from Sony that my personal information was being transferred to Magix, I followed up and found out that all of the consumer lines (what they call assets) have been sold to the Magix.

  • Vegas Pro
  • Movie Studio
  • Sound Forge Audio Studio
  • Sound Forge Pro
  • Acid Music Studio
  • Acid Pro

For the time being nothing will change; but there will be a transition to the new owners. There were good training videos on the Sony site as well as a forum with a lot of historical information.

Not really clear if that is going to migrate as well.  Magix is a good company; not too fond of trying finding info on their website; it takes some digging and often you have to register. In the past I had to sign in multiple times to get to the info that I needed at the time.

That said, I have found some goodies over yonder when I needed them.

Vlog and Carry on.

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