Monday, August 3, 2009

Boris Willis and 10 Dance Vlogging Tips

I'm serious about each one teach one. I had never even thought about the dance vlogging community.

It makes so much sense. I stumbled into this information doing research for another post. I will certainly do more research into the dance vlogging community. Here is the starting point that all can benefit from.

Top three tips:
  1. Have a vision.
  2. Vlogging is personal and performative.
  3. Understand how the web is used.
Boris also talks about video quality, web host and being consistent.

I discovered Boris Willis at Move The Frame where he shares his tips on making dance videos.

One more from Boris that had my heart in my throat. Capital Spring 2. Seventeen seconds into the video you will understand why I got a little nervous:

Boris has the videos posted at Dance A Day where you can see an archive of his dances.

Other Dance Videos

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