Thursday, September 10, 2009

Ideas from Presentation Zen on Visual Design

We can make a boring video or we can juice it up. Now there are currently constraints on making making web video visually interesting. We can't load up on animations, transitions or have eye dazzle for the sake of plugging in a new trick.

There are still some technological constraints. That does not mean that the video has to be visually dull. I like to swing over to the Presentation community to learn how they tell stories. Presenter/Visual Designer Garr Reynolds is really good at communicating complex information.

This is an understatement. The guy is a master.

Here is one more to munch on. I've been guilty of loading up on text to communicate. These are reasons to back away from the keyboard.

If you are looking for visual design, inspiration or communication ideas you should spend quality time at Presentation Zen. You definitely should read the post on 10 Tips On How to Think Like A Designer.

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