Sunday, September 20, 2009 - WebCam and Mobile Phone Videos

12/30/2012 This is an historical post; alas, 12 Seconds TV is no more. There are people who can communicate a thought in 12 seconds. I am not one of them. If you have a web cam, a simple camcorder or you can record video on your cell phone this may be of interest to you. allows users to upload videos from mobile phones and Internet connected video devices.

Video Host 12Seconds is really short form video. Record 12 seconds of your life, pitch or your on the scene observations and then upload it to site. You then can alert friends, tweeters and other folks that you have a quick video update you want them to see.

So It Is Video Twitter, Right?

Eh, yes, no and maybe. In terms of length yes you could say that this is the video equivalent of Twitter. But no, you can't view video from your Twitter page at this time on the day I'm writing this post. (I have learned never to make absolutes when it comes to technology.)

What does do is provide a link to your videos and send it as tweet to your Twitter account. It is not just all about the Twitter. You can post videos on FriendFeed, Facebook, TweetDeck and other places.

Great, Another Ego Festival...

Whoa, no. Stop the pre-judging. There are a lot of great reasons to encourage people to make 12 second videos. One of which is that they are limited to 12 seconds. But there are others reasons as well.

I can't seem to link to specific videos so I'll link directly to the creator's main page and let you explore.
See, a little humor, kvetching, music and good tidings. All in 12 seconds. It is not the length of the video it is what you do with it. For more information check out the Help page to find out how easier it is to use this service.

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