Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Common Craft Videos - The Business of Clarity

I am a big fan of the videos from CommonCraft. If you have spent anytime on the Internet at some point you would have seen or heard someone refer to these videos.

And if you have not, let me correct that situation right now. This is Podcasting in Plain English.

Common Craft's business is explaining concepts. They sell information products. They create content videos for companies and corporations like Twitter, Google and the Ford Motor Company.

Common Craft also independently creates content on topics like Saving Money (Compound Interest) in Plain English, Phishing Scams in Plain English, and Social Media in Plain English.

These videos can be licensed to various users. So if I was a commercial website and I wanted to run the Podcasting video without the flicker and the evaluation label, I could purchase a commercial license.

Common Craft promotes their videos by word of mouth, the website, YouTube exposure and by producing a blog with an RSS feed. Fans of the videos can communicate with the creators and offer feedback.

They have taken it a step further and engaged with other producers of information products to develop a network independent content creators.

Bottom Line

Their product is explaining
Common Craft creates videos on complex topics. They allow users to evaluate their products and make it easy to purchase. Common Craft uses the tools of social media to promote their business and engage with their customer base.

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