Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Quick Visit to Atom.com and 10 Seconds

Before before YouTube, long before videoblogging there was Atom Films. Creatives use to hang out there and produce short Flash animation movies and videos. Many were from the independent video circuit but there were some home made stuff.

On a 56k connection I'd struggle through watching a lot of content. Some videos were kind of rough as in "Officer, you need to have discussion that that fellow over there." Some were brilliant. It was a community but not social. It was still a sender/receiver kind of place. Still was better than TV.

I drifted away from Atom Films, partly because of the bandwidth issues but it was skewing to teenage boys and frat humor. I know what they like. There was a disconnect.

10 Seconds

When you don't know what to write about or when your head is still pounding like a jack hammer you check out old haunts. It is now Atom.com and they specialize in comedy videos and movies. Posters can see how man folks have viewed the videos.

Users can still vote if they liked the video or not. Not sure if folks comment any more or if the quality of the comments has gone down. Anyway, this is 10 Seconds.

P.S. yes I am on broadband now. Literally had to wait for the price to drop and a reason to up the speed.

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