Thursday, October 8, 2009

Ruud Elmendorp - Reporting From Africa

Ruud Elmendorp is a journalist who has been covering stories in Africa. He started out with a traditional crew and equipment. He now reports with his own camera and a laptop.

Ruud provides content to news organizations but he is a freelance reporter. He can cover stories that a large news organization might pass on. Ruud certainly is documenting what is happening in places in Africa I've only heard of when there is a major conflict. Documenting the day to day stories of people has a great value.

Ruud reports in Dutch. The videos on the website have English subtitles. You can view a .pdf script in English or Dutch of the video report as well.

I watched the video on the popularity of solar cell phones in Kenya. It exposed me to the problems of electricity, providing customized goods and services to specific populations and where there is a need there is usually an opportunity for profit.

The main site is and if you want to leave Ruud comments he has a blog as well.

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