Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Social Media Group Reality Check - How Do You Use Video Meet-Up

I learned about this from Rox at Rox's Beach Walks. is sponsoring a series of meet-ups around the country to talk to users and creators of video.

On October 20th there is a Los Angeles session and there will be a few other in various parts of the country. You can get a sense of the meetings by reading about or viewing prior sessions.

The Social Media Club folks are having their meeting and then there will be an opportunity for a discussion and exchange with about what and how video is used by folks and the community.

This is video by Scott Stead at the Washington, DC event of a demonstration of Real Player SP.

I need to check this out; apparently this is a media conversion program. I thought initially it was another version of the Real Player.

If this is free conversion software that make it easier to go from one computer video format to another I'm all for it. It it just snags YouTube or online videos and helps users place that on devices, not so much. There is plenty of software that can do that.

If the quality is good and it can do both Standard and High definition videos this could be interesting.

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