Thursday, October 1, 2009

Video of Comparison Between Flip and Nano

I'm glad I suppressed my impulses and waited until I saw this video. Actually, I'm even more glad that I bought a Kodak Zi6. I'm not knocking the video on the iPod Nano. I think that the folks that are going to use this device are going to find ways of being creative with it. It will happen that an important event will be recorded on that device.

The video quality just doesn't do it for me. It is not a camcorder.

The iPhone Nano is a multi-function devices that can record video and audio. The primary function of the Nano is to play music and display videos. The fact that it can record video is a bonus. Yes, at $149 it is a good deal if you understand what you are buying.

Not a camcorder. Nope. It isn't and you can't make me call it one.

The Flip should have blown it out of the water and it did. It is a basic camcorder for videos that can be uploaded to the Internet. It can also be a good day to day camcorder. So comparing The Flip to the iPod Nano is not a fair comparison.

Hey, if I won an iPod Nano with video I'd be pleased. I'd record a bit of video to test it out but truthfully I'd probably load it up with episodes of the audio book, The Secret World Chronicle.

I'm really happy I saw this video.

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