Thursday, October 15, 2009

Videomaker Magazine - Learning Resources

I could write four separate posts about Videomaker. I've been reading it on and off for years. It was originally created for the advanced amateur/prosumer video market. This was back in the VHS/U-Matic/BetaSP years.

This was way back in the day when cable television was required to provide Public Access television. There was also another form of access where folks could purchase a block of time and that was another way to get content to folks and potentially get income. Unfortunately, it didn't really work out that way in most markets.

Videomaker Magazine
Videomaker provided much needed help and understanding about products, hardware, contests and opportunities that were available. They also sold information products to those of us no where near Hollywood but needed to know how to set up lights correctly.

Well, time marched on. The cable industry did all it could to stab a knife in Public Access television. They have pretty much killed it off except in a few markets. Just about the time that alternative means of creating videos evolved independent of the studio system.

Videomaker has a YouTube channel where they have some of their tutorial content for viewing. This is an example of a video on Hand-held Camera Techniques.

The magazine is still providing content for amateur and prosumer users. Videomaker has learning workshops, there are instructional DVDs that can be purchase or you can dive into their learning section and soak up much goodness.

There is more information in the learning section of the website. For intermediate level video folks there is a tremendous amount of help. If you seeking prosumer level video education or want to understand the business aspects of video production this has proven to be a long term resource.

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