Sunday, December 13, 2009

3 Resources for Video Onlne Marketing

Part of my observations in locating resources is that there is mass quantities of hooey about marketing, video marketing and gaming the system with Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

I don't even risk going into those types of web sites directly. I use the cache feature found at many search engines to peep in the window. If muck or keyword laden dribble is being promoted I am out of there.

I want information clearly presented, accurate and verifiable. Which means it takes a lot longer to find information about business information that can be adapted for user generated content, small business videos and perhaps non-profit concerns. Is there a humane, non-exploitative way to promote videos?

Yes, there is but finding those methods is tough. I got lucky today. This is an opportunity to explore three sources. I do not agree with everything presented by these sites but there was actual content. This is no small thing concerning SEO and marketing sources on the Internet.

ReelSEO has a post on the Three Types of Online Video for Business. Daniel Sevitt gives a brief history and then defines the three types of videos that can benefit businesses. I'm still diving into the site and will probably reference it again for relevant information.

After I read the post, I leaped over to Daniel's blog EyeView Digital. He writes about using video to attract and convert users to action, what delivery services are facing with the potential of explosive growth and what others in the online business video community are thinking. Goodies here as well.

From Daniel I found Wayne Ford's Video Is Key.

I looked the mission statement on my landing page; this is the kind of area I think should be covered:
Web video marketing techniques, strategies, ideas and inspiration for bloggers, marketers, small businesses, freelancers, entrepreneurs, writers, bands, celebrities and artists.
This one I think I'm going to add to my RSS reader. One of the problems vloggers, web video users and content creators are going to face in the next few months is the migration of mainstream media.

Now is the time to set up pathways to help folks find (our) user generated content outside of YouTube. Let me be clear, I'm not saying to use or not use what is currently the big kid on the block

I am saying that there is quality content that is being produced and will be produced outside of media corporations. How do we attract viewers who really do desire alternative content?

Ah, the questions.

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