Saturday, December 26, 2009

BBC's Digital Revolution - Barry Pilling Mash-Up Video

This is a mash-up of participants in a British Broadcasting Company (BBC) documentary on digital media and the people who create, use and distribute content. The BBC has a web page on the documentary and is asking for participants and others who want to put their two cents in.

I don't know the UK equivalent of 2 cents so forgive the conceptual mish-mash of currency.

Barry Pilling created the video and put up a Twitter tweet, I was looking for ideas and I found the tweet and checked out the video.

Yes. This is how this social media thing works. I'm free to observe and introduce this video with members of my communities and somebody else will see it and pass it down the line.

The BBC builds awareness of their project, not just in the UK but trans-nationally. Others have the ability to promote the program on faith it will be one of substance. Ok yeah, it is the BBC, there is less than the expectation that they will muck it up than American TV who wouldn't even bother with such a project.

This is a good thing.

The fact that I probably won't get to see it is a bad thing. See, I'm an American. I don't pay for a television license in the UK so I can't see programs like Dr. Who; not even on the web site.

Yes, there is BBC America but I don't have nor do I intend to have cable. I don't do torrents so I'm locked out. So yeah, that is not a good thing.

Now if the BBC could figure out a way to hook up with PBS for some income producing cross license fees I'm sure greenbacks could benefit all concerned.

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