Sunday, January 17, 2010

Dan-O Songs Free Music for Videos, Blogs and Creatives

Stumbled into Dan-O Songs web site looking for something else which is how I find the good stuff. Serendipity is a large part of creativity or desperation which is often one and the same thing for me.

Dan-O is offering free music content his site for personal, non-commercial and business use. Just make sure that you honor his terms of use.

Music in MP3 Format

The music in the mp3 audio format so there shouldn't be a problem bring them into most composition programs like video editors or photo animation software. You have instrumentals and a few with vocals. Those of you into mixing and mashing can pick up a song fragment or two.

The songs are offered under the Creative Commons Attribution license, meaning that you must acknowledge and link back to this site as the source of the music.

For video folks that means you should provide a title card for his music and/or mention of the music source on your blog/website. Dan-O does have an audio bumper if you can't incorporate a visual mention in the video or your web site.

Donate If You Can

Dan-O has this tip request at the bottom of his page but I think if a musician is providing this much content and creativity asking for tips is not out of line. If possible, kick the man back a buck or three. Musicians need money and if you despise the machinations of the RIAA and the current music industry then by all means support independent musicians!

Uh, yeah, I have issues. I'm working on them, really but some things just steam me. So check it out and if you do use his music and loops let him know so that he can rack up the his of folks using and promoting his music.

Each one tell another and move the revolution forward.

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