Sunday, January 24, 2010

Drux Flux from the National Film Board of Canada

Failure can be good. It doesn't feel good but it can lead to good things. I have been working on a screencast of a software program. Quite frankly it sucks. Six hours in learning boring is not an effective learning tool.

The muse on duty has shown me mercy by leading me to the National Film Board of Canada's web site where you can watch documentaries, films and, one of my hearts desires, experimental films or films you can't fit in a box.

From the web site:

Part figurative, part abstract, Drux Flux is an animated short comprised of fast-flowing images showing modern people crushed by industry. Inspired by One-Dimensional Man, by philosopher Herbert Marcuse, the filmmaker deconstructs industrial scenes and their terrifying geometry to show the inhumanity of progress.

I've posted the 2D version but apparently there is a 3D version that is trippy provided you have the 3D glasses. Which I don't have and I'm not jumping into 3D video just yet. My battle with producer under 5 minute screencast that don't suck comes first.

Anyway you really should examine the offerings of the site. There is gorgeous work up north.

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