Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Idea Pad from Lenovo - March of the Media Devices

Video is going to be displayed on everything from a cell phone to a 52 inch television. This is just the next size point on the journey. Yeah, yeah, iPad this and iPad that. I'm just not sure that tablets are just the way to go but there are other contenders that are gearing up for the consumer market.

I don't buy first generation anything if I can help it. I don't need to be on the bleeding edge. Tablet PCs are interesting but I find it strange that there is a mad rush to find a perfect e-reader when folks don't read anymore. Many people are just skimming text.

People however do watch video. Speaking of which, this is a video from Revision3 at CES that is demonstrating The Lenovo Idea Pad

Not one but two operating systems, Linux when you use it as a tablet and Windows 7 when connected to the base that has a keyboard. I think this is closer to what I had in mind for a portable media and personal computer.

I also know that the distribution network infrastructure to carry this next wave of of text, voice and video isn't anywhere what it needs to be. Ask any rural Internet user or those that can't get decent cell phone coverage in their area.

If you can't make a phone call without dropping how are you going to download books and video?

I'm just asking. Oh, those of you who go around naming products might want to check in with 50% of the population that may have a different association with a word "pad." I'd go into more detail but like I said, I don't fool with stuff on the bleeding edge.

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