Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Using A USB Camcorder with Premier CS4 Video

Adobe TV is a free video learning center that demonstrates skills using their software products like Photoshop, After Effects and video editors like Premier Pro. We are talking the full featured products designed for professionals.

This professional level of Adobe software is priced in the upper ranges as in think of three or more digits when you think of price. I'm talking the investment range as in you have a job at a movie studio that warrants this kind of purchase. That said, this is a 17 minute video by Dave Helmly that demonstrates how to transfer and edit video from digital still cameras and web camcorders to Premier CS4.

Um, sorry folks I had to yank the video. I did not know that the video loaded slowly on its own and then started playing without any human clicking the play button. I was working on something else and it scared the bejabbers out of me. Click the above link to view the video.)

Your software may take far fewer steps to transfer from the camcorder. Like I said, I'm going for concept here. If you have a prior version of your video editing program check to see if there is an upgrade patch that will allow you to work with the newer high definition camcorders.

There are many free videos at Adobe TV. The good news is that you can view product videos and evaluate it the investment would meet your needs.

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