Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Demo of What A Tablet PC Could Do

This is a demonstration or concept video created by Wonderfactory and Time.com to show what could be done with a Tablet PC. Or e-Reader. Or media device.

The demonstration uses Sport Illustrated reinvented:

You know, I want to whoop and holler yeah, that the ticket! I can't. And sports has nothing to do with it. It kinda helped that I know nothing about the topic so I could concentrate on the device.

Well, eh. I liked the execution of the video. I liked some of the concepts demonstrated. Browsing through a collection of stunning photographs got my attention. If I can go as deep as I want or view a galley of a specific photographer's work I could dig it.

I do expect if I'm paying that much for the device and the data plan that the videos would be larger than the traditional 320x240 or the high def equivalent. I can hear the voice in the back right corner saying, "It is a magazine, the focus should be on the text. The video is an extra."

Nope. Not anymore. With tablet PCs we are going to have to redefine a lot of concepts. What is a magazine? Photos and text in the analog paper form. Why not audio and video and photos and text?.

I would expect an audio transcription track of the text when I can't view the screen. I would hope that there would be captioned video for those environments that it is inappropriate to listen to audio. Or an adjustable text mode that knows I like x amount of light and a certain font to display the content.

And if all I cared about was fencing then I should be able to subscribe to just that area of the magazine and see all of the new and archived fencing articles.

That, my friends is going to take a lot of content. And the need for knowledgeable content creators. It also means that once again a monopoly of distribution paths is being created.

Bah! Open source baby! Except I know that at some point people are going to have to pay, either with cash or the price of attention.

Look, I still think the infrastructure of broadband/high capacity connections have to be installed. I said it before and I'll say it again, the capabilities of any wi-fi or broadband device are going be restricted until we have coast to coast fiber in those 'tubes.

I'm socking my pretend money in my imaginary tech mattress until the entire country has a functional and reliable high speed access. I can look and drool at the shiny toys but unless I can use them what is the point?

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