Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Pixability Helps You Create Your Business Video

Update May 5, 2014 - the company has changed the focus of the business. They now provide data information for corporate clients and analize how to position a brand into the YouTube universe. The post below is an historical marker of what the business was at the time I originally viewed the web site.

You want to create a professional looking business video but you don't have a trust fund. You just want a video to promote your business and plunk it on your web site. Pixability might be an option for you.

Pixability Business Web VideoI hope so. I had to dive deep into the Tweet stream past a lot of get rich video crud to find a sensible and viable option for business owners.

Here is the deal; You talk with Pixability about the kind of video you would want to represent your business on your blog or web site.

Yes, planning is involved.

Next, If you don't have one they will send you a web camcorder. You record video in support of your idea. Send the camcorder back to them with the video.

Pixability will compose a video that represents what you discussed with the team and you have a functional business video that you can post on your site.

No, the service is not free. But it might take less time than you figuring out video compression.

It is an option for people that know that uploading a crappy PowerPoint web video with audio is not necessarily going to make them $$$$ in a half hour.

Play it forward.

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