Thursday, February 25, 2010

Poynter News U Webinar - Creating News with Smartphones

Yep, you read correctly. The webinar is actually named Mobile Media 101: Producing News with Your Smartphone and it is open to bloggers, journalists, writers and anybody else that creates reportorial content on a mobile phone.

From News U, here is the skivvy on the webinar contents:

  • How journalists are using smartphones to create news content
  • Smartphone applications every journalist have
  • How to livestream video content directly from your phone to the Web
  • Best practices in mobile video
I hope there is time to explain how not to give it away to the networks! Ask for Stringer fees baby!

The price is right and if you are member of NABJ it is even better. If you can't attend the webinar live you can catch up on the recorded session later. Amani Channel from Atlanta Public Broadcasting is conducting the session so link up and get hip on creating mobile video content.

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