Friday, June 11, 2010

Initial Resources About Creating Video for the iPad

I've been keeping an eye out for these kinds of articles and posts. This is the first wave that I have found in a quick search but there will be more.

Most of this is Mac-centric but PC users pay attention, you can use QuickTime Pro for some of the conversion processes.

TUAW The Unofficial Apple Blog points to using an application called ReelDirector 3.0 to edit videos on the iPad.

MediaStorm’s Guide to iPad Compression for the Web gives their version of the process of exporting video that is compatible with the iPad format.

ReadWriteWeb has a post on What Does the iPad Mean For Online Video? This is more of a discussion between the transition from Adobe Flash to browswer based/HTML 5 supported video.

The DV Show has Create Web Ready Video for the iPad on how to export video and embed the HTML5 code in a web page. Unfortunately you have to be a premium subscriber to see it.

This is just the first wave, more to come.

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