Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Quick Look At Muvee Revel - Bone Simple Video Software

A little something for my friends that want a very simple way to create videos. They want it to look nice but the editing thing, they don't want to get involved; they just want to get it done. I got something for them. There is a product called Muvee Reveal.

This is Dave Whittle showing your how the program works:

It is designed for people that know how to click a mouse button. You tell it what videos and pictures that you want to make a video of and it will do the rest. Let me stress this is a very basic program.

This is for folks that record a birthday party and the grandparents want video quick, fast and in a hurry. Currently the program is $79 according to the web site. For holding your hands through the entire video creation process that might be a fair price.

This is an example video by Karen at YouTube.

On the one hand, the program really locks down what you can do.It does create a video. For time crunched moms or people who own camcorders and don't know what to do next this is a solution.

On the other foot, there are comparable video creation programs that don't cost $79 but might require you to push an extra button or two.

I'm on deadline so I leave it to folks to hash it out.

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