Wednesday, July 14, 2010

4 Sites to Help You Find Reliable Mini Camcorder Information

I just did a sweep of three blogs that claimed to have information about mini camcorders. Two were link bait or plastered with ads. The other seems to have been abandoned. Yes, it can be dicey trying to find reliable information about purchases.

I'm on the look out for new places but there are a few sites that have earned my loyalty. These web sites and blogs have timely information, good disclosure policies and have a diversity of camcorder information.

No one is 100% bias free but there is a difference between being a fanboy/fangirl and being enthusiastic about a brand and willing to check out other products.

Here are the places I would recommend for timely info on what I call web camcorders but mini camcorders works for me too:

CamcorderInfo has for years provided information about consumer, professional and now mini camcorders. Love the ethics section that explains how their writers and contributors handle relations with manufactures.

CNet Camcorder Reviews - Much goodness here from buying guides, camcorders by price breakout and videos of the new camcorders hitting the market. CNet also has First Look videos that give you the skivvy on camcorders.

A downside is that an ad may appear before the video. I can live with it because I have been going to CNet for 10 years and they gotta pay the bills like I do. The difference is that the site and the reviews are not plastered with 17 advertisements having nothing to do with camcorders.

Gizmodo The camcorder posts are lively. The folks that leave comments are passionate. Or jerks. Certainly opinionated. If you are in the market for buying a camcorder check out the deal of the day; there might be a code that can save you some cash.

Videomaker Magazine Product Reviews Page: I keep an eye on this one. Videomaker has a lot of good content anyway so it doesn't hurt to mosey around the joint.

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