Saturday, July 10, 2010

Daniusoft Online Converter for Funky Video Formats

It is a dog gone alphabet soup of video formats. Most video editing software can handle the standard ones like .avi, .mov or .mpg. If only it was that simple.

The truth is more complicate depending on your operating system, the software that you are using and the video that is produced by your camcorder.

Danuisoft free video converter
Daniusoft Online Converter might be an option for those of you that have a great camcorder but you have a funky file format that does not play nice with your editing software.

M2TS, AVI, MP4, MPG, MPEG, 3GP, WMV, ASF, MOV, FLV, MKV, OGG Video aka Theora, DV, NSV

If any of these video file extensions ring a bell as to giving you fits there might be help for you. Let me share with you some common examples:

1. Your camcorder records in .mp4 but you are using Windows Movie Maker2 which only accepts .avi, and .wmv videos.

2. A friend gives you a video in the .wmv format and you want to put the video on your iPhone/iPad. You don't have QuickTime Pro and this is a one time only need. You only want to convert the video from one video file format to another.

3. You are a Linux, you breath Linux and will not be party to any imprisoned format. You want to convert the video you have to .OGG video

4. There is a video in the .mov format that you want to place on your 3gp phone.

The answer is to take your source video and convert into the desired format. You can use free applications like the Daiusoft Online Converter to help you out in a pinch. I would not use this on a regular basis but for occasional or field use in a pinch this is doable.

What You Will Need:
  • You will need a stable Cable/DSL/Broadband/Wi-Fi connection
  • The ability to locate where your video is on your computer in order to upload it.
  • You will need to know the file size of your video. You can upload to a maximum of 100MB. That is cool but some video files can be as large as a gigabyte.
  • The ability to rename the file so that you can locate it later and import into your video editing program or media device.
The web application is free. Now Danisoft does have similar products for sale. There might be one or two of them that you might want to check out if you plan on converting a lot of videos.

If you are interested in checking out those programs visit the main site at

In the meantime keep the site in mind when you have a video conversion emergency.

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