Thursday, July 22, 2010

Getting Your Video Seen Using Google Video Sitemaps

Yet another good reason to mouse around new places. I viewed this video at ReelSeo blog. With a few bits of info you can make it easier for Google users to find your video. So they say.

This is Nelson Lee from Google explaining the process:

One of the main problem that independent videobloggers, web video creators and new media folks have is driving viewers to our sites. That has become more difficult with places like Hulu and YouTube. They do a great job of distribution and search but if you don't fit the format you are out in the cold.

It is a small step but important if it helps folks find your content. For more detailed information about how to create video sitemaps visit Google's Help page on creating video sitemaps.

I have to say the video implied it was easy but looking at the Help pages has caused me to wonder what the heck Nelson defines as easy. I'll take a closer look but I'm not sure that the video site map is intended for blog based users. If it is indeed for traditional web site programmers and developers then I would see it as a way to filter out independent content.

Not sure. I need more info.

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