Monday, July 19, 2010

Where Can You Post Your Videos? Check Out These Examples

A good question came up on the Yahoo Videoblogging Group and I would like to document some of the answers provided. I'm going to make the question a bit more generic - Where can you post your videos? You have a variety of options depending on your skill level and needs.

Video Web Hosting Sites

All of the video hosting sites have a member or posting page for the uploaded video. If all you want to do is have folks view the video and you don't want to do anything more this is a fine option.

The limitation is that under a free membership you can't customize the page and have no control on what appears on the page. So if an ad pops up that you really don't like there is little you can do about it.

Easy Set-up Personal Blogs

You would like to have a blog but really don't want to spend too much time setting it up. Or you are on a mobile/smartphone device and need non-intensive options. You might want to look hosts like at Posterous and Tumblr

Posterous doesn't require membership, just an email account to upload text, photos and videos to your blog posts. You can also use it to feed content to other social networking sites.

Same deal with Tumblr you provide an email address, password and your desired blog name and up goes your Tumblr account.

Customizable Blogs

Next level are the customizable blogs. There are hundreds of them but I'll mention the well known ones as examples.

is fairly easy to use. There are pre-made templates that a novice can use or you can squire your own template from other sources. You are locked in to the way Blogger does things but within that space you can do a lot of stuff.

By the way, you can use a mobile phone to upload to Blogger. If you are interested in that feature or other Blogger features check out the Blogger Help page. type blogs can be customize to the nth degree, there are plug-ins, attachments and all kinds of ways to personalize the blog. You do have to have the willingness to dive in and flip the switches.

Web Site

Old school I know, but for those that can sling the HTML/CSS vibe this is way to do. Total customization. Basic game plan is to obtain your own domain and locate a web host. I'll go into that in another post.

Bottom line, to thine own self be true, know your needs, skill level and time limitations and your decision process will be a lot easier.

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