Sunday, July 11, 2010

YouTube Going To Support 4K Video

YouTube made the announcement at VidCon2010 and on their own blog. Huge honking file size and can I say bandwidth choking 4K video can now be uploaded to the service.
Today at the VidCon 2010 conference, we announced support for videos shot in 4K, meaning that now we support original video resolution from 360p all the way up to 4K. To give some perspective on the size of 4K, the ideal screen size for a 4K video is 25 feet; IMAX movies are projected through two 2k resolution projectors.

Now this was going to happen. It is not a good thing or bad thing. You cannot stop innovation.

I'm gonna keep saying this until I'm blue in the face. In America we do not have the infrastructure to support massive 4K transmitted of videos over the Internet.

We do not have the infrastructure to handle the data needs currently required by the population. What good is 4G when we can't make simple mobile phone calls to a huge chunk of the country? Or calls that stand a 50/50 chance of being dropped?

Not to mention the data plans that want to restrict usage or make folks pay through the ying/yang. It isn't voice anymore. It is photo, videos, applications and texting gone berserk.

Cable and phone vendors like AT&T that want to slice up the Internet and stop Net Neutrality. Electricity. Power consumption. Resources. Squeeze out of user generated content for razzle dazzle. 4K cameras and camcorders?

I'm having a logic loop meltdown. Give me a moment.

Ok, I'm better. It isn't often I witness the birth of a new transmitting network and a new way of viewing video content.

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