Monday, August 9, 2010

Book Review - How To Make Money With YouTube

Good books about web video are very hard to find. I generally don't read the so-called "make money on web video" books because there is a lot of cruff, crud and pure bunkum written by people that have only one driving interest in their hearts.

A transfer of money from your wallet to their wallet. There are people who will write anything for money. I don't trust those people. Yes, I am picky. And cautious. At BlogHer 10 I purchased a copy of How to Make Money with YouTube, published by McGraw Hill Professional.

The authors, Brad and Debra Schepp, passed my initial screening of a web video guide book. The selling points for me were:

  • They interviewed actual YouTube users who are profiting from their videos.
  • The book talks about planning, research and process, as in are you sure you understand what you are about to get into?
  • The advice on marketing is realistic, not a perpetual cheering section that promises untold wealth if you SEO in just the right way.

Let me tell you that this is not a technical book. I would say that this is more for the person who has a skill, product and creativity that web video could help support and promote. It is an introduction to the methods that other YouTube users have employed to profit from producing videos.

The bottom line, it takes a lot of work.

The book was written in 2009 so there are some sections that are out dated such as the 640x480 upload format and 10 minute restrictions.

I would check with on-line book vendors to obtain a price reduction on the cover price. Those of you that have Kindles will save money on the original cover price.

For an overview of web video and as an accessible guide to understanding concepts of YouTube for profit I give it a thumb up.

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