Saturday, August 14, 2010

Cello Journey - Another Use of Web Video

I was looking for a new podcast to download on my device when I found this blog. I think it just reinforces my belief that we do not have to replicate what is on broadcast or cable television.

Niche content that appeals to a passionate group or community is the new frontier. It is time we stop having a block buster mentality when it comes to viewers. The blog is called Cello Journey.

For musicians and lovers of classical music this is a beautifully executed idea.

I also like that they have the video listed on Zune, iTunes and YouTube. There are CD tracks for sale in the sidebar or if visitors want to donate they can. I love that it is visible yet subtle.

The blog hasn't been updated recently but what is present is timeless. I enjoyed listening to the music and viewing the site.

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