Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Google TV - The Device and the Features

A few months back Google introduced Google TV. There will be Sony television sets that will be able to work with the software and connection boxes to support the new platform of video distribution.

Here is an introductory video from Google:

Google TV is working on partnerships with various content distributors and providers. Many of the existing channels and networks will display just fine on a Google TV. The kicker is that it will also stream web video content.

This is the juice we need to pay attention to: viewers will be able to search for specific videos and internet content from their television set.

You want sustainability videos? You'll perform the same search that you used on your computer screen. You will be able to bookmark them and view those videos when you want. HTML 5 or Flash video, it won't matter.

Make no mistake, the broadcast, cable and other providers are not about to let an opportunity go by to lock in viewers or make it easy to find their content.

You shouldn't ether. I see this as another opportunity for user generated content and niche producers to keep on swinging. Honestly, there are people that are repelled by base level reality television and want, no, need something more.

One of the bigger problems was letting folks know you have content. If Google TV can make it easier for folks to find good work then yeah, I'm in.

Having said that I do remember Apple TV and the other attempts to use television as a web distribution and media device. I ain't plunking down cash money until I see and believe the device works as intended, is safe and is truly multifunctional.

In the interest of full disclosure I haven't turned on my television in almost a year. I don't like crap TV. I do watch a lot of web video but I do view user generated, educational, alternative and animation videos.

If Google TV can make it easier to find what I want it is all good.

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