Saturday, September 4, 2010

Aiptek 3D 720P Handheld Camcorder - Is This A Good Idea?

Do we really need this? I'm not clear why the push to 3D viewing and content production is being embraced as the savior to the entertainment industry. You still have a major problem viewing 3D content.

There are multiple, incompatible 3D viewing formats. I've never seen the movie Avitar but I think I hate the technological bum rush it has caused. Panasonic came out with a high end 3D camcorder.

This is the other side of the market from Aiptek.

The video from IDG News did bring out an important point. The HD video in 2D mode does record in 720p. The two lens recording the same bit of 3D video will create a 360p video experience.

HD 360p video? If you think you are going to get a hologram type crystal clear viewing experience then you are mistaken.

Aiptek Camcorders are generally found at the mass market or big box type stores. The are generally inexpensive. Often on sale. Clearance priced regulars, if you get my drift.

At $199 list price per the web site I'm just not convinced this is a good investment.
  • You need special glasses which are supplied with the camcorder.
  • You need conversion software to transfer it from 3D to 2D for those that can't view 3D.
  • You need software to view the 3D on your computer with the glasses.
YouTube does have the ability to display 3D content but aren't we forgetting something here?

Like having a good reason to display 3D content?
A viable story that benefits from being rendered in 3D?
A natural experience that lends itself to being recorded in 3D, non-sexual in nature?

Ok, yeah. There you go, if the flesh peddlers haven't figured out a standard technology to display 3D content and churn cash on 3D what is the rush?

I am not advocating such use, really I am not. It is just that a lot of cinematic innovation has come from the Bow-chicka-wow-wow part of the entertainment industry.

I'm not kidding. Think about it. Nickelodeons. Use of 16mm and 8mm film. Direct to consumer marketing. Early adopters of VHS content. One of the first industries to figure out how to sell via the Internet.

Yes there is 3D explicit content. But not a lot of it. Not churning enough cash to support more content production.

My point, and I do have one, is that technology now allows both professional, commercial and user generated content. This 3D technology as yet is not in a functional form for mass market consumer use.

If you want to experiment with creating 3D content then go for it. I'd wait a bit for other vendors to jump into the market.

Buying an Aiptek can be a circular experience.

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