Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I Want to Share and I Only Have 10 Minutes

Juggling too much stuff. Oh why did I take an online class? Ok, I have just 10 minutes. If I had more time I'd talk about:

The Interview with author William Gibson over at Dangerous Minds. This is an example of what web video can do, have an extended long form interview and via a blog have the discussion extended.

Over at Gizmodo they are talking about the firs high definition resolution (HDR)video that has been created. The photography camp has been going nutzo crazy about HDR photos. You can see two examples of it posted on the blog. I don't think this is the first HDR video but I expect to see in crappy movies and music videos once folks figure out how to do it without a beam splitter.

Dang, my 10 minutes are up.

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