Sunday, September 26, 2010

Symphony of Science - The Poetry of Reality Video

I really don't like Autotune or anything that sounds like it. I think it is right up there with powdered eggs; one of the worse unnecessary inventions of our time. I'm making a limited exception for this video only.
It is a creative use of the software, along with the video to help a few famous scientists tell their story.

This is The Poetry of Reality:

My first question 30 seconds into the video was who created this? How did this come into being?

Fortunately the link to the web site was in the Notes section. The Symphony of Science web site has more videos. I headed to the About page and learned the musician responsible is John Boswell.

I also think this is an good example of the need and necessity of remixing copyrighted content. Information and ideas are not static, they have a need to be transformed and reused.

No, I am not advocating stealing another persons content. Taking another persons entire content and claiming it to be your own is theft. Yet there needs to be a space made for respectful re-purposing of a segment of the work.

This is a good example of how that can be accomplished that benefits the original source and the new work.

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