Sunday, September 19, 2010

YouTube Instant - Predicative Video Searching

Google came out with the ability to search as you type known as Google Instant. This is a video from Google explaining how Google Instant works:

Ok, you got the concept? Cool. Now what if you could do the same thing for YouTube videos? And you thought up the how to do it in about three hours? And you are 19 years old? And you don't currently work for Google?

The name of the site is YTInstant

Feross Aboukhadijeh did just that; here is a screen shot of typing in the name Tobor. Dang if that thing didn't find a cartoon I haven't seen in umpteen years, Tobor the 8th Man.

Tobor the 8th Man Search
Now, sure I could have done the same search on YouTube but it did target just the item I was searching for and there are other 8th Man videos to sample below the selection.

Tobor isn't likely to be on the small or big screen anytime soon. See, Tobor has the some of the brain cells and memories of a police officer killed on the job. In addition, he had to smoke an energy cigarette to recharge himself.

There would have to be a massive re-boot and redesign of a 21st century police robot. Naw, Tobor is not coming to the Cartoon Network anytime soon.

Feross isn't going to have to sweat his next job. Currently he is in conversation with Youtube.

For those folks interested in creating web video you really want to start thinking about titles and keywords that your potential visitors might use to find your content. How do you want folks to find you?

In the meantime, go play with YTInstant and dig up your hidden memory treasures.

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