Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Frugal Video Lighting - $5 LED Head Lamp

Yes you can vlog frugal. I have wanted to buy a portable LED kinda light that I see in professional photography magazines. Small, great light output and very expensive.

Yet it doesn't hurt to have a spare light in your bag/kit/backpack. This is a stumbled upon option for those of us light in the wallet.

Check LED Head LampI was walking around in Big Lots and glanced at this little darling. I could see the possibilities. I plunked down $5 and it was mine. The lamp has 24 LEDs, three light levels and a blink mode. It runs off of 3 AAA batteries. The one I got even tossed in a skinny key chain LED to boot.

I guess it is a knock-off of a crafts person's hands free work light.

I'm sure you could find equivalent kind of lighting at a hardware store. I'm testing it out to see how to use it. Might be good for bouncing off of a close white card or reflector. If you put in on your head you will look goofy.

There are times when it cannot be helped. Wear your goofiness with pride.

You do pay for cheapness. That sucker stinks. No, the light works just fine. It is in the fabric. There is some kind of chemical that is wicked foul. You might want to air it outside for a few days.

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