Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Using Videos To Research Buying A Camera or Camcorder

As part of researching cameras and camcorders I go to a lot of different web sites. I don't care if you are a advertiser, fan boy or girl, or reviewer I'll check it out. Let me share a brief example of what you will find that you can apply to your own research process.

Advertorial Videos

TigerDirect is a vendor of computer products. It is one of the few places I trust to make computer and gadget purchases online. For a number of years they have produced in-house commercials about some of the products for sale. This is their video on the Nikon L110.

Here is the deal, you will never hear them bash a product. The intent of the videos is to get you excited about buying the featured item from the web site.

I usually see these ad videos as I'm exploring a specific product at TigerDirect. I can compare what is in the specs on the site and what is being displayed in the demonstration. These videos also go by the name of ComputerTV.

This will be a growing trend. Just found out that B&H Photo has advertorial video about the camera.

Actual Users Reviews

Adam owns the camera and he gives a real world interpretation of what is important to him as well as a demonstration of the camera.

It's not slicked up but it is honest and I got to see what 720p video looks like from the camera. I always check multiple user videos to get a sense of what a device can do.

Tech Media Reviews

I do check out places like CNet, Steve's DigiCam, CamcorderInfo to get the scoop on the goodies.

This is Josh on the Nikon L110. There is a format to the videos that I appreciate. A section on the features, a demonstration and then an opinion if it is a good or bad product. CNet will never really trash a camera or camcorder but they will point out areas of concern like the slowness of the zoom or the grain that appears in low light.

In all of the above videos I listen for the common ground, flick out the hype and get a sense of what the camera can do. This helps me to make an informed decision about purchasing the camera and at what price point.

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