Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Camcorder Batteries & Power Cords - Finding A Replacement

I've lost batteries and power cords. So after you tear your place up looking for the battery or A/C power cord here are a few suggestions you can use to find a replacement.

First I'd check the manufacture's web site. They might offer a replacement battery or A/C cord. You might not like the price of their replacement A/C power cord but it is an option, especially if it is a proprietary connection.

Sima Replacement A/C camcorder plugYou might not have a choice if it is truly proprietary but other vendors like might carry an universal A/C adapter for your camcorder.

Now some of the camcorder manufacturer web sites are profoundly sucky. It can be a case of poor layout, bad search features or, with our bottom feeding vendors, the help and support does not exist. This is when you have to float on to the next option.

I'd visiting the major battery companies. Duracell has a easy to use product finder. Not all camcorders are listed but you might find what you are looking for to replace a missing battery.

Another place to check out are places like Fry's Electronics or Best Buy. With Fry's the search is a little wonky however there do have camcorder replacement batteries, chargers and A/C replacements.

If you live near a Fry's or Best Buy you can find out if they have the item in the store. If you do go take the camcorder with you to ensure that you are matching the right item to your camcorder. Don't depend on the sales associates to figure it out for you.

If you have an old school electronic store in your area they might have what you want - give them a try but have the the camcorder name and battery information with you so that you reduce the amount of snarling you might receive.

Finally, I suggest going to RadioShack's online battery finder that not only suggests replacement batteries but replacement A/C chargers as well. For example, I've lost the battery to the JVC Enviro GZMG130U. I selected the category of camcorder, clicked on JVC, then located the model number of the camcorder, and bada-bing I found the replacement battery and a compatible A/C recharger unit for the device.

Shop around - your might find the same replacement battery or A/C power cord at a better price from other proprietors but don't stray off the path with unknown super cheap vendors.

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