Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Look At Motion DSP vReveal - Help for Not So Good Video

Nothing can help really a really bad video. There are times when you have a one-time only event that you have to try to rescue. We've all had videos that were very shaky, dim or had a weird color cast. Motion DSP vReveal might be of assistance.

This could be of interest to those folks that have standard definition camcorders, inexpensive high definition camcorders or others that record video on mobile phone devices and media players. vReveal is designed for Windows XP and higher users but you should have a Duo Core CPU or better to use the program.

This is a demonstration video by the company:

There is a free version of the software that only works on standard definition. A watermark will be placed on the video and you will see ads. The premium version is currently $39 which gives you access to the exporting high def videos and other features.

Comfort Level

The program looks simple enough but you do need to know how to get around your computer if you choose not to use the video browser feature. It would be helpful to understand about video file extensions like .mov, .wmv, .avi and to know what your camcorder or recording device uses.


Your video editing software might perform some of these function for you. You'll need to check that out before you decide to use vReavel. On the other hand, if you are time challenged or looking for a one or two click solution this might be it.

So if you need help for that once in a lifetime video that looks like it was shot on a jackhammer or you need to boost the lighting on that dance on the pier you might want to give this software a look.

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