Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Planning Tips from Earl Chessher

So long as I'm mousing around the Videomaker forums I thought I point folks in the direction of a post by moderator Earl Chessher.

Planning Tips from Earl Chessher
He is writing for those folks that are in the business of producing event or commissioned videos but if you create video on a regular basis this is post worth reading.

There is a lot of good stuff about using the holidays to inspire creating content, identifying new markets and users such as a video memory of a person or place. He also write about taking your ideas and making an action plan.

What really made me want to suggest folks read Earl's post is a response to a comment:

Thanks Derek, for the nod. I really appreciate it. Oddly enough, on some forums where I share such things as planning, focusing, marketing and organizing I get blasted by people who think none of this is important, citing that they get all they can handle simply through referrals.
I've seen and this type of behavior. I'm dumbfounded by these types of reactions. If it doesn't work for you that is fine but why attack?

The truth is referrals can dry up. Technology can cut in or destroy a business within a month. It is grasshopper thinking; it is here today why am I going to waste time planning for next week?

The good news is that there are plenty of folks who think that way. The better news is that those that don't can learn and prosper from their blinder induced ignorance.

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  1. Thanks a lot for the nod. I'm basically your hard-working, paying the bills, independent professional video services provider and have many years of experiences in marketing, dealing with clients and creating special projects that I attempt to share on VM forums as well as my blog. Again, I appreciate the referral from you to my article.


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