Thursday, December 9, 2010

Twitter Allows Embedded Photos & Video In Tweets

I've been using New Twitter for a while and it works fine. I've tried some of the new features like the expanded panel to get a sense of a person's recent tweets. Now there is even more of a reason to check out the updated version of Twitter.

You can place photos and videos directly in your tweets.

Example of embedded video

You can now see the video or photo directly in the Tweet panel. This can be a good or very bad thing but you still have control over who you allow to show you videos or even if you want to access the feature.

Example of permission message to view video
You still have the option to open the link in a new window or allow all videos to be displayed.

It can be a good thing because if there is a photo that shows you what is going on you can pop it up in a second. It could be great at conventions when you are interviewing a person and you upload the video ten minutes after talking.

It can be a very bad thing for obvious spamtastical reasons. What marketer or advertiser is gonna let this opportunity go by unused? There will be more ads, commercials, people who want to win a prize and will post links to junk and clog the very pores of the tweet stream.

Not to mention that rooty-tooty stuff.

Here is another reason it can be a stinker. Currently a person follows a link to a blog or web site. They look at the video. The visitor sees other items of interest and hangs around a bit. This is good.

Watching the photo or video in Twitter means that visitors do not have a reason to visit your blog or web site. This is another distraction that can slow that down or stop it entirely.

For text based bloggers this might not be such a good thing. For web video creators it can be great to get your work to a larger public. I'd love getting more poets more exposure and viewers.

But if I have background information or links to their sites the visitor may not see that information if all they do is watch the video.

I have to think about this a bit more.

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