Friday, January 7, 2011

Hans Rosling's 200 Years that Changed the World

I first learned of Hans Rosling by watching one of his TED videos. He does a very cool form of show and tell. Anybody who can hold an TED audience attention while talking about statistics is a person to keep an eye on.

This is one of his videos on how the world has changed in 200 years.

Looking at the video construction it is extremely simple. A screen capture of the statistical animation program and a picture in picture of Hans Rosling explaining the changes.

It isn't just the tools. It is the growing need to explain complicated information in an accessible manner. Part of what is happening in web video is that there are a group of people, from teens to professors that are trying to figure it out.

It is an exciting time. For more information about Hans Rosling and his work you can visit his web site Gapminder, where you can find more about him, his work or resources.

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