Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Motorola Ad and Short Film Contest

Adobe and Motorola have teamed up to create a video contest to promote the use of Flash video on Droid phones. Those that love their Droid phones need to represent their creativity. Why let the other device (iPhone) get all the action?

Video competitionThere are two separate contests, one for creating an ad and the other for creating a short film. In either case you should read the terms and conditions of the contest before you enter.

From the FAQ & Tech Requirements:
We do not accept tapes or DVDs or anything that needs to be posted in the mail - only digital video uploads.

The Video file size should be kept at or under 100 MB for quicker upload/encoding time (max file size is 300MB).

Video files must be provided in one of the following file formats: .MPG; .MOV; .AVI; .WMV; .MP4; .M4V. Neither height nor width can be odd numerically (eg dimensions of 1023 x 768 should not be used because 1023 is an odd number).

Do not export any black borders and we prefer 16:9 aspect ratio but will accept other ratios. The video frame rate (fps) is not important but bear in mind the intended use – if the brand intends to display on TV then they will prefer 30fps

We recommend shooting in HD because lots of winners get their films shown on big screens and on the web and even on TV - so you want it to look good. Don't use a resolution below 640x480.

The frame rate is unimportant, but, if you can, shoot at 30fps or higher. Old school 24fps is great for the movies but not great for TV or the web (especially with fast action).

If You Win - From the Web Site

  • Trips to Barcelona to join Adobe, Motorola and MOFILM at their famous filmmaker awards
  • Adobe® Creative Suite® 5 Master Collection software bundles
  • Motorola Devices
  • US$5,000 in Cash Prizes (total)
There isn't a lot of time, the contest ends on January 31, 2011 GMT so if you want in then get busy. H/T to the Videoblogging Group where I learned about the contest from Randy Ksar

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