Friday, February 25, 2011

KDMC Webinar and Tutorial Videos

The Knight Digital Media Center (KDMC) has a lot of tutorial resources, video help and web seminars to help citizen journalists, reporters and those of us that need to put together a narrative non-fiction video.

Bookmark KDMC Presentations and Webcasts because there is a lot of information to review and soak up.

You want to spend some time diving into this goodness. One of the pages I've got parked for review is Mobile Reporting Tools and Techniques by Will Sullivan. Not only do you get the archived video web cast but you are also able to view any pdf or presentation slides that come with it.

Other Presentations of Interest:

  • Visual Storytelling Techniques and Scripting
  • Mobile & Live Video Techniques
  • Journalists as Community Curators
  • Lessons for 4-Wheel Journalism
This is a good find - I'm patting myself on the back for persistence. There is so much crapola being pumped into pseudo web sites and blogs I was losing hope of finding good, solid resource for web video users.

I'm telling you, we as readers and viewers have to brace up; the flood of crud is upon us. We can survive if we are literate, informed and prepared to meet the enemy with better content.

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